AA Modz Apk v3.4 (New Version) Download For Android

AA Modz Apk v3.4 (New Version) Download For Android
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Players of Mobile Legend Bang Bang who want to increase their gameplay skills and want to remove hurdles. Many gaming resources cost too much money. AA Modz Apk is the best app for you. It contains many codes and tricks which will help you to unlock premium resources of MLBB for free. Now you don’t need diamonds and gold to unlock resources. Because it provides everything for free.

As we know that Mobile Legend Bang Bang is not an easy game to play. Especially for the new players who are playing against the pro players. AA Modz will solve your problem through its codes and tricks. You can use these codes and tricks to beat the pro ones. This app will help you to win matches easily. It also provides you with premium features such as costumes, skins, and many more for free. It also helps you to push your rank very quickly.

What is AA Modz Apk ?

AA Modz is the best app for MLBB players. Using this mod players can easily improve their gameplay. Because it provides free codes and tricks to unlock premium features of the game. some of the features include all ML Skins, Auto Aim, Enemy Location, and many more. By using these tricks you can easily beat the pro players.

It also provides you with free skins. It also helps you in lifting your rank quickly. It’s a risk-free app. Because it has an ant-ban feature which makes it a very safe app to use. With the help of AA Modz, you can easily win more games against great players. One of the best things about the mod is that it is free to download and use. you can easily download it from the given link.

Key Features of AA Modz:

the AA Modz brings some great features for its users. so by using these features players can get help in the game against the opponents. players can easily win matches against good players. so lets list discuss these features one by one.

Enemy Damage UP TO 75%:

you can damage your enemy up to 75% easily. Also, damage the weapons of your opponent. By doing this you will be able to beat the pro players easily.

Free Of Cost:

This app is free of cost. You don’t need to spend money to buy this app.

Boost Rank:

Lifting rank is not an easy task to do. You need too much time. It helps you to boost your rank very quickly. So you can save time to becoming a pro player.

Free ML Skins:

you can easily use the skins of your favorite heroes for free. You can also customize your avatar, along with these free skins.

Auto win Feature:

It has an auto-win Feature. you do not need to play the game. You can win it automatically by using this app

Show Enemy Line, Box, and Health:

You can also see the health of your enemy. You can plan your game according to the health of your enemy.

Auto Aim:

If you found your enemy in front of you and you have no time to aim at him. This app will help you in your time of need. Because it has an auto-aim option.

Enemy Location:

It’s most difficult to find your enemy in the game. If you find him the game becomes much easier to win. The AA Modz can help you in this regard. Because it shows your enemy’s location on the map.

The High-Quality Camera and 3D View:

It will enhance your game quality and provide you with a 3D view of the game.

No Registration Needed:

It saves you time because you don’t need to register. You just need to download it and use it.

Free To Use:

You don’t need to pay anything for this app because it’s free of cost.

No Ads:

For a gamer the most important this is an app free of Ads. This app is free of ads so it will save you time.

Show Hero Names:

It also shows you the names of your favorite hero characters.

How to download and install the AA Modz on your Android device.

Downloading and installation of AA Modz are very simple. just follow the following steps to do.

Firstly, download the APK file from the link provided on the website.

wait for the download when it gets finished. Go to your mobile settings and allow downloads from unknown sources.

Then go to the downloaded file location, and click on the installation option. once you click wait for the installation process. when it gets finished, you are ready to use it.


The AA Modz is the best app for MLBB players. Especially for the new players. Who is competing with the pro players? This app will help you to boost your rank quickly. It provides you with free game sources such as costumes and skins. It also saves you time and money. Then go and download the app and enjoy your game.