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BLING2 Mod Apk is the modified version of the original App BLING2 Apk. As we know that Bling2 Apk is an online Livestream application. By using this app you can live chat with millions of beautiful girls in Indonesia. The app contains a lot of different functions. Those functions include playing different games, making new friends, and chatting with idols from Indonesia.

The mod versions of the original app come up with different features. By using these features you will feel a difference between the original app and the mod version. We are now going to discuss in detail the BLING2 Mod Apk along with its most important features.

What is BLING2 Mod Apk?

If you are working from 9 am to 5 pm. Your age is 18+ and you are still single. When you came back to your home from the office and you feel lonely.  You want to interact online with beautiful girls in Indonesia without paying money for it. Then you must download the BLING2 Mod Apk on your mobile device. Because the BLING2 Mod app is the modified version of the original app BLING2 APK.

All features of the original app are not free to use. So you must use the Mod version of the app because it provides all the features of the app for free of cost. Such features are live gaming, able to create private rooms, interacting and chatting with beautiful girls, and many more. We will discuss these features in detail later in our article.

The app is free to use. Because you do not need to pay to download and use the app, by using this app you will feel relaxed and comfortable talking to beautiful girls from Indonesia after a busy day. After using this app you will become more social by making friends from Indonesia.

Now let’s discuss the key features of the mod version, which makes the mod version different from the original app.

Some of the key features of the BLING2 Mod Apk

The mod version come up with more and more modified features as compared to the original app. Now we are going to discuss in detail those features.

Private Rooms

One of the best features of the mod version is that users can easily create private rooms. You can add people of your choice to your room and discuss any topic you want.

Chat and Interact

The second most important feature of the mod version is that you can interact with different people in the app. You can send direct messages to the people to chat with them. You do not need to buy messages because the mod version provides free messages for users.

Add Friends

The app allows its users to directly add their friends who are on their contact list. If some friends are not using BLING2 Mod Apk you can easily invite them. You just need to click on the invite option and then add the friends whom you want to add.

Create Attractive Videos

You can easily create attractive videos by using different filters and video transitions. The app allows its user to add music layers and video frames to their videos for free of cost. By using these videos you can increase your friend circle on the platform.


You can easily take screenshots of the chat and photos of your friends. The app will not let the other person know that you have taken a screenshot.

Free to Download

You do not need to pay to download the app. Because the developers do not charge a single penny for downloading the app. You can use it for free.


The BLING2 Mod is the best android application to enjoy your free time. You can chat with beautiful girls. You can make friends as many as you want. The app is safe and secures to use and it is also free to download and use. So go and download the app from our website and enjoy your free time.