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L4D Pingtool Apk is mobile application. Which allows its users to check the ping of servers for the most popular game Left 4 Dead. As we know Left 4 dead is one of the popular online games in the gaming world. Millions of different age groups players play this game with their full interest.

Sometimes they face internet issues during playing the game. The ping of different servers becomes very high and causes the game to lag. Due to lag players could not able to finish the game as a winner. Because during the lag the opponents kill them.

To solve this issue the L4D Pingtool comes into play. This tool will get you out of this issue. In our article, we are going to discuss the tool in detail. We are going to discuss what L4D Pingtool Apk is and what are its key features and benefits. And we are also going to discuss how to use it.

What is L4D Pingtool Apk?

L4D Pingtool is a Mobile application to check the ping of the server for the most popular game Left 4 Dead. The app also unlocks all the features of the game and it also offers all the tools of the game for free of cost to its users.

The app will also increase the speed of your slow internet to decrease the ping of your game server. The app also shows the information on how to install the L4D Pingtool on your android device. Now we are going to discuss some of the most important features of the L4D Pingtool Apk.

Some of the key features of the L4D Pingtool Apk

The app provides its player with some of the best features to help them to find the best server for their gameplay experience. Now we are going to discuss some of the key features of the tool in detail.

Server List for Players

THE L4D Pingtool allows players to view the list of different servers that are currently available for the game with less ping value. So the players can easily select the server with the less ping value to enjoy their gaming experience.

Server Filtering

The app offers its players to filter the server list with different criteria. Those criteria include country name, number of players, and game mode. This will help players to find the server which meets their specific needs.

Server Bookmarking

The app allows its player to bookmark their favorite server. So they can easily access the server quickly when required in the future.

Free to Download  

The app is free to download. So you can easily download the app from the link given at the top of the page.

Safe and Secure

The app is safe and secures to use. Because it takes care of your privacy.

How to use L4D Pingtool Apk?

Using the app is very simple and easy. To get started go to the download link given at the top of the page to download the APK file for the application and then install the app on their android device. Open the app you will see a list of differences that are available for the game. You can sort the list by ping and filter the servers by various criteria. You can bookmark your favorite server to use in the future.


The L4D Pingtool Apk is the best app to select the server on the basis of low ping for their Left 4 Dead match. The app offers different features for its players.  Players can filter the servers on the basis of some criteria. They can also bookmark their favorite server to use easily and quickly in the future.

The app is also free to download. You can download the app from our website. The link is given at the top of the page to download the app.