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In this article, we are going to discuss what NLG Mod Apk is. What are its benefits for its users? And what are its key features?

What is NLG Mod Apk?

Nowadays Instagram is becoming more and more popular day by day. Lots of people around the world use it. People interact with each other through messaging. But sometimes one person wants to hind his privacy from the other person. Which is not possible on Instagram. That’s why people want such apps which can help them to hide their privacy. Today we bring you the app which is going to help you to hide your privacy during messaging with others.

The NLG Mod is the modified version of NLG Apk. As we know that NLG is a communication app. The NLG Mod Apk helps its user to send messages anonymously to others. Sometimes social media influencers send messages anonymously to get feedback from their followers. This app will help them to send messages anonymously.

Sending messages anonymously can help you to get unbiased feedback from your followers. The app highly values your privacy. This app is a safe and secure private platform. The app will not go to share your messages. The app deletes all the data from its system after the response. Nobody is going to see are read your messages except you.  Your messages are 100% private.

Now we are going to discuss some of the great features of the app.

Some of the most important features of the NLG Mod Apk

As you have seen that there are many benefits of using NLG Mod. Now you will be familiar with some of the app’s key features.

Unlimited Q&A platform

By using this app you are not limited to some topics. You have a variety of options to ask or answer anonymous questions. You can also ask about your life, work, and other activities to get unbiased feedback.

Data deletion request

This app gives you the freedom to delete your account at any time. You can also request to delete your data from the server at anytime.

Unrevealed identity

The app helps you to answer questions or messages without revealing your identity.  Sometimes this is going to help you to get unbiased feedback on your work.

Ads free

This app does not contain Ads. Ads in apps make users angry and waste their time as well. But here you will save time and you will feel happy.

Safe and secure

The app is safe and secures to use. Because this app does not share your data with third parties. Your data is in your control you can delete it whenever you want.

Free to download

The app does not charge any money for downloading the app. You can download it for free.


The NLG Mod Apk is the modified version of the NLG Apk. This app helps its users to send messages or answer questions anonymously. This app allows its users to delete their data at any time. This app is safe and secures to use and it is also free to download and use. So go and download the app. For more apps and games just visit our Main page.