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PUBG Mobile Lite is the most popular Battleground game in the world. There is a lot of battle game available in the online gaming world.

These games are not even able to compete with PUBG Mobile Lite. there are many reasons behind this. Those reasons are, those games do not have good graphics as compared to PUBG Mobile Lite.

Some games have fewer features than PUBG Mobile Lite. Some games have fewer maps and some games have fewer player entrances and many more reasons.

Why PUBG Mobile Lite is ruling the online gaming world. Why so many players around the world are playing this game? We are going to discuss these reasons in our article.

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We will be going to discuss what is PUBG Mobile. What are its key features? So let’s discuss it in detail.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite (previously known as playerUnknowns Battlegrounds) is the king of battle games in the world. It was fully released in December 2017 and it is developed by PUBG Studios.

The game grabs the attention of millions of players a few times due to its great features. The graphics of the game are very impressive and people start to like the game.

Now more than 1 billion players around the globe play this game. This PUBG Mobile Lite game provides lots of different battle maps.

Players have the freedom to choose their favorite one. Some of those maps are too big and 100 different players play the game at a time.

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But the selection of the players is random all around the world. Those maps take a lot of time to finish the game. so the developers have provided their players with some small maps as well.

So they can play and finish the game in less time compared to the big maps. The number of players is also less than on the big maps.

The game also provides its players with lots of different guns. But you have to loot these guns. You are going to jump from the plane and land where you want to and then go for searching the loot.

Then you will find guns and their bullets, helmets of different levels, health kits, and other tools which are needed in the battleground to survive.

You can create room in the game to play with your selected players. You can select as many as up to 100. There are also different kinds of games as well.

You can customize your character with different suits, caps, hats, shoes, and with other features. You can customize hour guns with different skins.

You can upgrade your game rank by playing different games and completing different tasks. There are many more activities you can do in this game. Just download it.

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Now we are going to discuss the best feature out of the many features of the game.

Some of the best Features of the game PUBG Mobile Lite:

these features are described in detail.

Lots of different Maps:

The game has different maps to play the game. You can choose whether you want to play the long game or the short one.

Weapon Skins:

When you play more games. You will get more Uc points by using these Uc points you will buy different skins although there are some skins that are free to use.

Too Many Guns:

The game provides its players different a variety of guns. Those guns consist of snipers, short guns, M416, and many more.

Chat with Teammates:

You can chat with your teammates before the start of the game and you can also chat with them during the game as well.

Talk with Teammates:

You can talk with your teammates before and during the match. This will help you to make a good strategy to win the game.

You Can Alive Again:

If you are killed during the match you can still be able to live in the match. This will happen if one of your teammates goes and tap onto the life machine. The location of the machine will be visible on the map.

Flair Gun:

This is a special gun. If you found it and you fired it. After some time a big box coming down from the sky carrying good loot for you will land on the ground where you fired the flair gun.

The flair gun’s direction should be up to the sky.

Free to Download:

PUBG Mobile Lite is free to download.


PUBG Mobile Lite is the king of battle games. Which has high-quality graphics. The game also has different variety of guns, skins, and more. So download the game which is free and enjoy the best battle game.

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