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If you are playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and you want to unlock its feature for free. You are at the right place. We bring you the Ryumoto Patcher tool which will help you to achieve your goal.

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is one of the most popular games in the world. Almost millions of players play this game daily all around the world. Every age group plays this game. Some players are technically very good. They can easily beat the players who are not technically good and who are new to this world.

To compete with these good players. The new players along with the players who are not technically good need some tools which will help them to unlock some premier features of the game. By unlocking the premier features of the game the new players can boost their game and can be able to compete with the good players. These features will help them to win games against good players.

Now we are going to discuss the tool which will help the players of MLBB to unlock the features of the MLBB.

What is Ryumoto Patcher Apk?

As we know that the features of MLBB are not unlocked. To unlock them you have to win matches and gain points and coins. By using these points you will push your level and by using coins you will unlock some features. But it takes too much time. Sometimes players need to spend real money to open these features.

Ryumoto Patcher is going to help those players who have no money to spend on these features. This tool is going to unlock the premier features of the MLBB for free. This tool is going to provide its users with free skins, custom maps, ML skins, Battle effects, themes, and many more features for free of cost.

Now let’s discuss some of its features.

Some of the most important features of Ryumoto Patcher Apk

The most prominent features of the tool are,

Free skins

This tool provides its users with a lot of different free skins. There are 250 plus skin-to-skin skins, more than 30 Anime skins, more than 30 painted skins, and more than 5000 default skins.

ML skins

Ryumoto Patcher provides its users with different ML skins free of cost. Some of the ML skins of different categories are,

There are 4 different skins are available in FANNY.

There are 3 skins are available in SABER.

There are 5 skins available in SELENA

Other categories also contain multiple ML skins for free.

Change backgrounds

By using Ryumoto Patcher players will be able to change the backgrounds.

Drone view

The tool also provides a drone view to its players to locate the enemy’s position.

Different locations and maps

The tool provides its players with more than 10 different maps and multiple locations to play and enjoy the game.

Free to download

This tool is free to download. You do not need to spend money on other MLBB tools.

Some more features are

Custom Analog

Unlock Effects

Customized Maps

Customized UI

Change location screen

Customized user interface


Safe and secure

Free to use


Ryumoto Patcher is the best tool to unlock the premier features of the MLBB game. It provides its users with different free skins, customized maps, and many other features for free. The tool is free to use and download. The tool is also safe and secure to use as well. So go and download the tool and get the features for free. Save your money with this tool.

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