Baji999 APK v11.17 (New Version) Download for Android

Baji999 APK v11.17 (New Version) Download for Android
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Baji999 APK is the most popular app to bet on different sports events from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South East Asia.

The app is free to download and very easy to use. It functions on all kinds of Android devices without any trouble. As we know that betting app is gaining more popularity in recent times due to their easy process of use and betting.

You just need to download the Baji999 APK and bet on your favorite sports with full freedom of time and place. You can bet on your favorite sports from any play at any time.

In recent times people love to use these betting apps because they offer a lot of different sports. In South Asia and South East Asia cricket is the most popular game to bet on.

Millions of people follow cricket in these regions. People love to place bets on PSL, IPL, BPL, CPL, and other league games to earn real money. It is not possible to win every time when you bet.

But with good knowledge of these leagues, you can win as many as you want. But if you have no idea about the game by betting on these games you can develop your game understanding to a high level.

People do not trust this kind of app. Because they worry about their security. But today we are going to discuss the app which is secure to use. In our article, we are going to discuss the app in detail with its features.

baji999 download

What is Baji999 APK?

Baji999 APK is an Android application that offers different casino games to its users. They can also bet on cricket and football game from all around the world.

The app offers two ways to bet on cricket matches. The first way is to bet on the overall outcome of the live match. The second way is to bet on the live score of the team in the first 6 overs of the team.

Online betting app Baji999 APK is becoming the most popular in South Asia, especially in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Because they have plenty of different games to bet on and win real money.

The app also offers different payment methods. By using these methods you can easily deposit and withdraw money from your account.

The app Baji999 APK is not only focusing on cricket and football game to bet. But it also focuses on the other exciting game which is played in the entire world.

If you are in search of this kind of betting app. Just download the app and start your journey. Because this app is free to download and use.

baji999 apk download

Now we are going to look at its key features.

Some of the key Features of the Baji999 APK:

The app contains many features. By using these features users can feel blessed to win real money. Let’s discuss some of its key features in detail.   

Different Table Games:

The app allows its players to play different table games. Those table games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and many other table games.

Different Casino Games:

The app also provides different casino games for players to play. Such as cards, slots, and many more.

Different Slot Games:

The app offers more than 400 slot games to play. By playing these games players can earn real money.

Different Sports to Bet On:

The app allows its users to bet on different sports such as cricket and football. The users can bet on matches of IPL, BPL, PSL, and other leagues.

Finger Print Login:

The app allows its user to log in using their fingerprints to save them from scammers. This will keep the user’s account safe from scammers.

Live Score:

The app allows its users to bet on the live score of the match to earn as much money as they want.

Payment Methods:

The app provides different payment methods to withdraw money. You can easily withdraw to your bank account as well. Some other methods are UPAY, Okwall, SureCash, and many more.

 Free to Download:

The app is free to download. You can easily download it from our website for free.

baji999 apk download for android

How to download and install Baji999 APK on an Android device?

The process of downloading and installing the Baji999 APK is very simple. You just need to follow some steps to download and install the APK on your device. Follow the following steps while downloading and installing.


The downloading process is very simple. First, go to the download link provided on the website, and click on the download option. After clicking wait for a moment for the download to complete.

But before downloading the APK file go to your mobile settings and allow downloads from unknown sources on your device. “Settings>security>unknown sources”.


After downloading the APK file. Go to the APK location and click on the APK file and then click on the installation option and wait for a few seconds for the complete installation. When it’s done you will see the icon of the APK on the main screen of your device. Click to open it and follow the instructions and start to use it.


The Baji999 APK is the best app to bet on cricket and football matches. The app is popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You can easily win a huge amount of real money by betting on live games.

The app is free to download. So download the app and enjoy earning real money by betting on live matches.