DeadLox Injector APK v6 (New Version) Download for Android

DeadLox Injector APK v6 (New Version) Download for Android
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Today we are going to discuss DeadLox Injector. Now a day’s battlefield games are becoming more and more popular day by day. People love to play battlefield games to entertain themselves. Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battlefield games in the online gaming market. In our article, we are going to discuss one of the helping tools for free fire lovers.

No one can deny the fact that free fire has gained a massive following after being released. People from all over the world play this game on their Android devices. There are different rank players in the game. Some are extremely good at gaming called pros. Some are mediocre players and the rest are new bees called nobs.

For a nob, it is very hard to win a match against the pro players. Because the pro players know all the ticks and tricks to beat the opponents. So it is very hard to win against them. But if you are a new bee and you want to beat these pro players. We bring you the tool which is going to help you to win against the pro players very easily. So let’s discuss the tool in detail to know it well.

What is DeadLox Injector APK?

The DeadLox Injector APK is an Android application that helps free-fire players to get an upper hand in the game against their opponents. If you are a pro free fire lover and you want to boost your rank and gameplay for free then you must try this helpful app.  The injector offers some quality ticks and tricks for players to get an upper hand in the game over the opponents.

The Free Fire games have rated this injector one of the best tools to get help in the game. The reason is that it provides all skins for free. the APK size is very small. The injector is free to download and use. the injector has an anti-ban features as well. which makes it one of the best tools in the online market.

Furthermore, the app offers very helpful features as well. These features will help players to get access to all the essential items of the game for free. Some of those features are the Aimbot menu, ESP menu, Drone view, and many more. The injector is free to download and use as well.

Some of the handy Features of the DeadLox Injector APK:

The DeadLox Injector brings some great features for the players to help them win matches against the pro players. So let’s discuss these features in detail.

Aimbot Menu:

The DeadLox Injector APK offers an aimbot menu for the players. The aimbot menu offers exclusive items that boost the gaming skills of players in a quick time. The aimbot menu consists of Aimbot and Aim Lock, Optimal headshot 100%, body headshot target, antenna head, and auto kill.

Drone View:

The injector offers a drone view for the players. So by using this option players can easily find out hidden enemies on the battlefield and in the buildings.  The drone view offers 2X to 9X Ranges, New and HD lenses, and vertical and horizontal views.

Loot Location:

The injector shows the location of the loot for the players. So players can easily collect the loot. The loot includes Gloo wall and Medkit, sniper and MP40 location, and rifle and M1887 Location.

Anti-ban APP:

The injector has anti-ban features that keep players’ accounts and personal data safe and secure. So feel free to download and use it. Because the injector has no side effects on your gaming account. although the injector is developed by third-party developers.

No Cost:

The app is free to download and use. So by downloading this injector you can surly save your money. Because it is a complete package for the games. So you can easily download the injector from our website for free.

Some additiona Features of the DeadLox Injector APK:

Support all servers.

No Crushing.



Aim Head.

Auto Head Shot.

Easy Head.

Ultra Drag

High Sensitivity.

Smooth Divice.

No Lag.

Support Root an well as Non Root device.

Supports Android 4 Plus.

Free to download.

Free to use.

Safe and Secures to use.

How to Download and Install DeadLox Injector APK on Android Device?

Sometimes downloading and installing a third-party becomes difficult. But to download and install the DeadLox Injector APK is very simple and easy. You just need to follow the following steps.

Firstly, download the updated version of DeadLox Injector APK from our website on your Android device.

After downloading the APK, Go to your mobile settings and allow downloads from unknown sources. To do this go to “Settings>Security>Unknown Sources.”

Now go to the downloaded APK file Location. Once you get there open the file and then click on the Installation option. wait for the installation process. Once it is done.

You will see the Icon of the APK on your Home Screen. Click on the icon. The ESP Icon will pop up on the screen then open the Free Fire and start to use the tool.


The DeadLox Injector APK is the best tool for Free Fire players to inject ticks and trick into their gaming. These ticks and tricks will help the player to get an upper hand in the game over the opponents. The injector will help new players to beat the pro players very easily. The app is free to download and use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is DeadLox Injector APK is safe to use?

The answer for this question is “YES”. Although it is developed by a third-party developers. So use a alternate account instead of your main account.

Is DeadLox Injector APK free to download?

Yes you can download it free from our website.

Is it available on Google Play Store?

No it is not available on Google Play Store. You can download it from some other websites from internet.