Ebii Modz ML APK v1.8.0 (New version) download for android

Ebii Modz ML APK v1.8.0 (New version) download for android
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  • v1.8.0
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Ebii Modz ML APK is an Android application that helps players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game MLBB is one of the most popular battlefield games of recent times. As players progress in the game. The game becomes tougher to play for players. Because players have to play against the good players.

To beat these pro players the new ones face lots of issues. The new players lack some important items and features of the game. To get access to these features players need to spend money. But due to a lack of financial status players can not able to access these features. So we bring you the tool which is going to help you to get access to these necessary items and features of the game for free of cost.

Ebii Modz ML APK is the free helping tool for MLBB gamers.

By using these features and items you can easily upgrade your gameplay and beating pro players becomes a cup of tea for you. So let’s discuss the tool in detail to know it well.

What is Ebii Modz ML APK?

The Ebii Modz ML APK is a Mobile Legends Band Bang tool that helps players to lift their gaming to the next level. With the help of this injector, a new player can easily beat the pro players very quickly. The injector has an anti-ban feature that protects the data and account of the player. So you can use this injector without worrying about its security.

The great app offers some great features to its players. so by using these features. Players can easily get an advantage over their opponents in the game. We will discuss these features in the below section. These features will help you to get an upper hand over the opponents.

Ebii Modz ML  apk download for MLBB free.

  The injector is safe and secure to use due to its anti-ban feature. You can download and use this injector free of cost. Now let’s discuss the helpful features of the injector.

Features of Ebii Modz ML APK:

The injector comes with some great features to help players to win more matches against the giant player. You can easily upgrade your gaming skills with the help of these features. Some of those features are.

Unlock all ML Skins:

The Ebii Modz ML APK is going to allow players to get access to all ML skins for free. Skins play a very key role to grab the attention of players towards the game. But in the game, you are not allowed to use these skins for free. But with the help of Ebii Modz ML APK, you can easily access all ML skins for free. such skins are.

Fighter skins.

Assassin skins.

Tank skins.

Mega skins.

Marksman skins.

Support skins.

Weapons skins.

Updated skins.

Painted skins.

And many more skins.

Battle Effects:

The injector also offers some key battle effects for the players. So they can use them to get help in the game. These battle effects are going to help players positively in the game. Those battle effects are.

Elimination effects.

Recall effects.

Respawn effects.

Notification effects.

And many more.

ESP Menu:

The injector shows some important ESP information for its players. such information is very critical in winning matches against the best players. If a player has the below information about the enemy. He can make a very good strategy against the enemy and kill him easily. Such information includes,

ESP name.

ESP box.

ESP line.

ESP distance.

ESP grenade.

ESP antenna.

And many more battle effects

Some additional Features of the Ebii Modz ML APK

Very easy and simple to use.

No recoil.

Running fast.

No harms.

Free of cost.

Safe and secure to use.

No error.

Very small size app.

No viruses thread.

And many more.

How to Download and Install Ebii Modz ML APK on Android Device?

there is no rocket science exists behind downloading and installing the APK on Android. You can install it like the other apps. But some crucial steps have to be kept in mind while downloading and Installing the APK. So follow the following steps.

Steps of Downloading:

While downloading the APK you just need to click on the link provided on the website. After clicking wait for the download.

Steps of Installation:

Before installing the APk on your Device. You have to visit your mobile settings and allow downloads from unknown sources. to do this follow, “Settings>Security>Unkmown Sources”

After allowing the downloads from unknown sources. Go to the downloaded file location and click on the file. you will see an installation button there, Now click on the Button and wait for the installation.

When installation gets complete you will see an icon of the APK on your main screen. Click on the Icon and follow the instructions and use it.


The Ebii Modz ML APK is very useful for MLBB players. By using this injector players can easily boost their gameplay. The injector will help players beat the best players with little effort. There is no harm in using this injector. Because it has an anti-ban feature that protects the player’s account and data from threads. I strongly recommend this injector to the MLBB players. So download the injector from our website for free and enjoy improved gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When users start to use a new application they express their doubts in the form of questions. In this section, we are trying to answer some of their questions.

Is Ebii Modz ML APK free to download and use?

yes, the APK is free to download and use. you can easily download the APK file from the link given in the article. Download and follow the instructions given in the above section to use the APK for free.

Is Ebii Modz ML APK available on Google Play Store?

The APK is developed by third-party developers. the main purpose of the APK is to give an unfair advantage to players in the game. For this reason, the APK is not available on the Google Play Store.

Is it Safe to use or not?

The answer is “YES” because it has an anti-ban feature that protects the account of the user.