iHappy APK v1.1.9 (New Version) Download for Android

iHappy APK v1.1.9 (New Version) Download for Android
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Hey! Are looking for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or future wife? If yes! You are in the right place. Nowadays everyone needs a relationship to spend his/her leisure time with someone but it has become hard to find. How it can be done? Where you can find it? By whom you can find it? The answer is just to download iHappy APK app and enjoy relationships.

What is iHappy APK?

iHappy APK is all about dating and any type of relationship (girlfriend or boyfriend) for those people who are alone and searching for it. In iHappy APK you can easily find your love in your nearest area and start dating. Here you will find more friends and also your future wife. You will experience a great time finding new friends and contacting them. It’s a very good app to enjoy your leisure time by getting to know new friends. This app is too much support for both those seeking serious relationships and those who want quick friendships.

iHappy APK community is increasing rapidly as more men, boys, girls, and women are participating. The app is free of cost to use. You can easily be part of a happy APK community by making an account in it. Connect and chat with people who are desperately waiting for you to be in their life. It’s very easy to connect to someone, just leave a text “Hello! Would you like to talk?” surely the response will be positive, and start making a pleasant conversation.  

At iHappy APK people find each other who have the same interests and exact nature. You just have to start a conversation with confidence, because all here are looking for some so maybe you could be his/her partner. Now download iHappy APK from here and enjoy your relationship.

What feature does iHappy APK provide?

The app comes with some great features. such features are.


iHappy APK is a dating website that offers you relationships with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or just friend whether you want for quick or long term.


It connects you to many individuals, so by connecting to them you can spend your leisure time happily.


Using iHappy APK is very safe as more and more people are becoming part of the iHappy APK community by joining it. This is because of trust.

Professional links:

By joining this app you can also make connections with professionals in your relevant field of work.


By making connections with global people you can learn more from them like language, speaking skills, and many more.

Free to use:

You can use this app free of cost without paying for it. Just download it from here and enjoy it.

How to download and use it?

To use this platform, simply you have to create a profile in just a matter of seconds. Initially, you have to just enter your basic information like name, location, etc. but you can update and complete your profile later at any time. However, this platform is only for heterosexual men and women and leaves out the LGTBQIA+ public.

As you are done with the initial requirements, you will come across a list of singles with no filter other than the fact that they are in the same location. Now it’s your turn to find someone whose profile matches your interest, if you see a profile you like, you can show interest by clicking a button and, if the response of the other party is positive, you can start a conversation and see if love sparks.

Go and download iHappy APK to enjoy your new journey.


iHappy APK is the best dating app that allows users to find a friend, girlfriends, boyfriends, or even a life partner for free. You can connect to as many people as you want. The app is free to download and use. so download the app from our website.