Ken88 Apk v1.2 (New Version) Download for Android

Ken88 Apk v1.2 (New Version) Download for Android
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Do you want to make money online by using casino Apps? Today we bring you the best casino app for you which is known as Ken88.

People want to make money online by using their mobile. There are some opportunities available online to make money.

 People use these opportunities to make money. Those opportunities are, making money playing online battle games, car racing games, and some people playing casino games to make online games.

But the biggest issue is that those games cost money. People want free games from where they can earn money. Today we are going to discuss a free casino game here. Which is free to download and free to play.

ken88 apk download

So we are going to discuss, what Ken88 is. And what are its features?

What is Ken88 Apk?

Ken88 is an Android casino app having different types of games for its users. Players can choose their favorite game to play and win real money as a reward for it.

There is one limitation of the app, that is the app is only be used in one country which is the Republic of the Philippines. The app provides its services to only the Philippines.

If you are from another country you don’t need to worry about it. Because the app gives you the option to play as a guest and win real money but to use the guest mode you have to go through the signup process.

You have to register yourself by providing your active mobile number to get the code. When you get the code you have to verify it and then you will be able to use all the services of the game. The Ken88 is very similar to the 888 casino game.

download ken88 apk

When you start to use all the services you will see three types of games. Those three types are,

Mini-games, Slot games, additional games, now we are going to discuss these in more detail.

Slot games:

As we know that slot machine games are very popular nowadays. The app provides different types of slot games. Those games are Plants vs Zombies, Angry Bird, Frozen, Maya, Main Team, and many more.


The app will provide different Mini games, those games are nuts, candy, Jawa, poker, and many more.

Additional games:

The app also has some additional games. By playing these games you will get tickets and prices, it also has the lucky spin game as well.

When you win a good amount and you want to withdraw it. You can easily withdraw it by using different withdrawal options.

Some key Features of the Ken88:

We are now going to describe these features in detail.

Real casino Feelings:

The Ken88 is like a real casino. You can add sounds, graphics, and colors to the app to make it like a real casino app.

Play easy Games:

There are three types of levels in the game. The first one is easy to second is medium and the last one is hard. You are free to choose the level of the game, you can play easy games depending on your skill.  

Play and Earn:

You can play different games and earn real money as a reward.

Daily Rewards:

The app gives its players daily rewards and bonuses in the form of tickets and prices.

Categorization of Fames:

The games in the app are categorized into different types, such as carts, spin, and more.

 Safe and Secure:

The app is safe and secure to use. The app does not provide its user’s details to third parties.

Free to Download:

You do not need to pay any money to use this app. Because this app is free to download.

Deposit and Withdraw:

You can deposit and withdraw money to and from your Ken88 account. There are different methods to deposit and withdraw your amount. These methods are scratch cards, Digital wallets, bank accounts,s, and many other options.  

User-Friendly Interface:

If you are a new user you can easily use and manage the app. You will feel good while using the app.

ken88 apk free download


Ken88 is the best casino app to earn real money. The app has lots of different games for its users. The app is very easy to use. So go and download the app and start to earn real money.

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