ZENKO AM Injector APK v13 (New Version) Download for Android

ZENKO AM Injector APK v13 (New Version) Download for Android
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ZENKO AM Injector APK is a very handy tool for the players of Free Fire to get an advantage in the game against the opponents. In the online gaming world, Free Fire is one of the top games to play. People love to play this game on their Android devices. The popularity of the game started rising after the day of release.  The popularity graph of the game never goes down. It goes high and high nowadays almost more than 100 million downloads and millions of active players.

In Free Fire, players gather in the lobby once the required number is achieved. The plan takes them to the battlefield. They can jump to their favorite place with a Para shoot. They have to collect the guns, bullets, helmets, and other necessary items for the battle to fight. On the battlefield, you have a lot of options to fire. They can fire with guns of different levels. They can fire with missiles and other weapons. To travel from one place to another they can use a variety of different vehicles. Cars, Buggies, Jeeps, and other vehicles.

It sounds like a free fire is easy to play. But it is very tough when you go up in the game. You face good players when you push your rank to a higher level. You cannot fight a battle against these great players. Because they are highly experienced and have access to all the required features of the game. They have earned these features by spending a lot of time playing the game or they have spent a lot of money.

If you have no time and money. Don’t worry we bring you the tool which helps you to get access to all the features of the game for free.  With the help of this tool, you can easily beat great players easily in the battlefield and win matches.

What is ZENKO AM Injector APK?

The ZENKO AM Injector APK is an Android application developed by third-party developers. So by using this injector players get an advantage in the game against the enemies. By using this injector players can improve their gameplay.

With the help of this helping tool, players can access all the premium features of the game. Such as Auto Headshot, Auto Aim, Drone View, and many more. You do not need to spend money to use these features in the game. Because the injector allows players to use all these features free of cost.

The injector has an anti-ban feature that protects the account and personal data safely and securely. So you don’t need to worry about your account security. The developers do not charge a single penny on download and using the injector because it is free to download and use. You can download it from the given link for free.

Features of the ZENKO AM Injector APK:

Although there are many helping tools available in the online market for players. But they cost money and those which are free to use are not safe. The ZENKO AM Injector APK brings some great features that make it stand on top among the other tools. So let’s discuss these features one by one.

Auto Headshot:

The ZENKO AM Injector offers the auto headshot option to the players. So players can automatically hit the head of the enemy without aiming the head of the enemy. This feature help players in two ways. First, players can quickly kill their enemy with a few shots. Second, they can kill more enemies in a quick time.


This is one of the most important features of the injector that protects the account of the player. it can protect your account from getting banned from the official game.

Drone View:

The injector offers a drone view for the players on the battlefield. By using this feature players can easily find hidden enemies on the battlefield and in the buildings and easily kill them.

Aim Lock:

This feature of the injector makes the firing rate of the gun fasters. So you can shoot more bullets in less time and easily kill your enemy.

Safe and Secure to Use:

The ZENKO AM Injector is safe and secures to use. It has no negative impact on your account.

Free of cost:

The injector is free to download and use. By downloading this injector you can save money.

Some Additional Features of the ZENKO AM Injector:

Auto Headlock.


Ghost Modes:

Supports all Android versions.

Fly Modes.

Background Music.

Support all Servers.

Supports Root and Non-Root devices.

ESP Menu.

And many more.

How to download and install ZENKO AM Injector on Android Device?

Downloading and installing the injector is very simple. You just need to follow the following steps.

To Download:

To download the APK go to the link given on the website. Click on the download option. Wait for some time. When it’s done.

Now go to your mobile settings and allow downloads from unknown sources. Follow these steps. “Settings> Security> Unknown Sources”.


After’s allowing downloads from unknown resources, go to the downloaded file location. Click on the file. You will see the install option. Now click on the install option. Wait for the installation.

Once it is done the icon of the Injector will appear on the main screen of your mobile. Click on the icon and follow the instructions and you are ready to use it.


Free Fire is one of the most popular battlefield games in the world. The game is very tough when a new player progress through different stages. To overcome these difficulties they need a helping tool. So we bring them the ZENKO AM Injector which will help them in this regard. By using this tool they can easily beat the best players and win more matches. They can also improve their gameplay. The injector is free to download and use as well. So use the tool in your game and get an advantage over your opponents.

Frequently asked questions:

Is ZENKO AM Injector free to download?

Yes, the injector is free to download and use.

Is it available on Google Play Store?

No, because it is developed by third-party developers. That’s why it is not available on the google play store.

Is it safe to use on the main gaming account?

Yes, But you have to be careful while using this injector. Because it is a third-party app that may affect your account negatively.